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StudentDevelop helped me find a marketing and communications internship in West Africa (Cameroon). My internship was for a small NGO aimed at poverty alleviation and the prevention of deforestation. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience to work in my field of study and in a different cultural setting with wonderful people. After the internship StudentDevelop helped me to find a summer job in Europe. Not convinced yet? I am the walking proof that StudentDevelop works!

Jelke Brandehof. Graduate of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands.

Performax Labs, a nutrition supplement company, utilized StudentDevelop when searching for skilled interns studying Kinesiology.

We never thought we would be able to access such specific talent! StudentDevelop allowed us to launch our newest product rapidly by pinpointing the right candidates for our R&D projects quickly.

Aaron West, Owner, Performax Labs LLC.

The flexibility offered by StudentDevelop allowed me to gain valuable work experience while completing my thesis.

The internship put me directly into the employment market and allowed me to gain real-world experience – this will give me a strong advantage when applying for my first full-time job upon graduation.

Daran Zhang. Graduate of University of Colorado, Boulder CO, USA. Now studying a masters at University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

Moliday, a Swedish start-up in the online TV industry, used StudentDevelop when they looked for talented Node JS programmers.

StudentDevelop allowed us to get the right skills at the right time, in only 3 days we got a programmer and he´s now a co-founder at Moliday. The international part of SD is the next step we will explore, look forward to valuable language and market knowledge.

Management, Moliday.com.